Thanks for your interest in working with Grey Dog Works! It's important for us to know as many details as possible regarding your project. This helps us have a clear picture of what you need and desire, plus it helps you understand the depth and detail we commit to when working with our clients. Please click continue to begin the Request for Proposal process!
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This section introduces us to your company. As such, the content should be fitting for an introduction (not a thesis). Briefly tell us who you are, what you do, size of company, and what your vision or mission statement is.
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Describe in plain English your current web site situation, and give us an overview of what the project is going to entail. Don’t try to be too formal or politically correct here… oftentimes corporate semantics can muddle the message. Write in the manner you’d describe the project to a friend.
Goals and Objectives *

This section is the spot to list your short term and long term objectives for the project, as well as your motivation for investing in your web site. It aims to answer the question, “why are you here?” Is your website outdated? Have you expanded your services/product line? Are you marketing to a different target audience? Are you trying to attract job candidates? Or are you finding your existing site isn’t converting to enough sales? Tell us what you want to achieve.
What's the #1 problem you are trying to solve with your project? *

Just a few technical questions.

Is this a Dynamic or Static website? *

Do you need your website to be dynamically driven (with a Content Management System that you can update yourself, like a blog, with WordPress), or just a static brochure website?

How many pages do you need? *

For example: Home, About, Services, Contact us = 4 pages.

How many unique layouts do you need? *

For example, you may have five pages, but all inside pages have the exact same layout, therefore you may only have one unique layouts.

Do you have an existing website? *

What is your website URL?

Who is your hosting provider?

Do you need your website to be responsive?

This means your website will automatically adjust its layout to work seamlessly and beautifully on any mobile device.
Now let's talk about how you want your website to work.

Website Functionality *

In layman’s terms, this section asks the question, “What do you want your website to DO?” We need you outline the features and functionality you’ll be wanting to see on your site (this could be things like a secure members area, contact forms, file upload functions, database development to store lead info, content management system to edit your own content, custom admin area, newsletter opt-in form, blogs, news sections, discussion forums, FAQ or knowledgebase, or e-commerce to sell products).
How much do you plan to invest in this project? *

Just a few more questions.

What is your estimated timeline? *

This is an easy one – if you have a rough date by which you’d like the project done, let us know here. Similarly, if you have specific deadlines, we’ll need to know those as well. Remember, most designers will charge a premium for rush jobs – you’re bumping other paying clients out of queue when you request priority status.

How did you hear about Grey Dog Works? *

Were you referred to us by somebody? A mutual contact? Google? Social media? Please let us know here.
Additional Comments & Requests

Do you have anything you'd like to add to your RFP? Additional requests, or comments? Please be as detailed as you need to be below.
Thanks so much for your interest in working with Grey Dog Works. Once we have finished reviewing your RFP, we will let you know if we can accommodate your project, and ask additional questions if necessary. If we can accommodate your project, and we're ready to move forward, we will send you an official estimate for your project.

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